The App

Creating the future of shopping

Reve is a mobile app for iOS and Android where the user can scan items in stores they visit to create collections and share with friends. Our task was to make the UI and UX design as simple and clean as possible. We chose to focus on the content, and make the design very minimalistic, for a seamless experience for the user. The end-result is widely appreciated amongst the target audience.


The Reve-olution

Shopping for the smartphone generation

As the internet grows, and all kinds of new mediums are introduced (phone, tablet, tv, etc), the physical world is still left un-touched. Reve is revolutionizing the way people go shopping. If you see something you like, just pick up your phone and scan the price-tag, and you'll get all kinds of cool information and new tools to play with. Share, create and reve things you like, explore new items and find things you never would. The possibilites are endless!


The Website

There is no place like the web

The website is not only a website. Reve is also a web app. We helped create the basic design and feel of the Reve-brand. We also made their killer website which you should ofcourse go check out for yourself (psst, link). We worked closely with the Reve team to achieve the right look and feel, which we have to admit we are very pleased with.